Online Petition to Save Golden Gate Park from Dark Money Contributors

Please sign the online petition to save  Golden Gate Park from environmental degradation and influence by the Fishers and Charles Schwab, Dark Money contributors to the Koch brothers’ political network. (Clickable link)

I talked to hundreds of voters the Outer Sunset District today.  Sleep deprived, fueled only by caffeine from the really good coffee here in the hood, I set out on my one man show.  Friends and neighbors encouraged me along the way.  I stood and delivered, as I promised that I would to those who advised me to step up and run for public office.  I told the truth about the appointee/incumbent cycle and what token representation means.  I told the truth about the sphere of influence of influential, big money contributors in City Hall (and elsewhere) and how that sphere of influence affects us and the public places in the environment in which we live, work, and play.

I was not surprised to find that the clear majority of those I talked to already knew or agreed with what I was saying.  San Franciscans and those who love this city, in general, are sophisticated when it comes to analysis, and synthesis, of relationships within the intricate web of connections that make up our world.

When I talked about the meadow I want to save in Golden Gate Park, the Beach Chalet Fields, many people expressed their surprise at the status of the project–that the plan was still being litigated and that it was still being considered.  Then, I listened and heard the dismay in their voices when they reacted to the statement of facts I recited to them.  The news is new and, truth be told, I almost missed it today.  The news was that the Fisher gang got busted.  Along with a major contributor, Charles Schwaab, the gang who started, funded, and continue to fund the City Fields Foundation responsible for the toxic Astroturf (Field Turf) installations all over town got busted.  And the news went out, here.

Along the way, amidst my rants, amidst the chorus of complaints, amidst the clamor of the N-Judah, someone asked me what they could do to stop this train wreck in the Park from happening, another asked if there was any way to derail this money train on its way to our most precious of jewels in the City.  I had the idea to make a direct appeal to our mostly elected representatives on the Board of Supervisors.  I said I’d put up an online petition and that I’d take it to City Hall.  I promised to do it by 2am for those who cared to check back.  I’m an hour early.  As promised, here’s the form.  Please sign it.


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