Promises Kept. Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors

Consistently throughout this campaign, neighbors, friends, visitors, and residents of the community have thanked me for stepping up and running for District 4 Supervisor.  At one point, I promised to draft an open letter to the Board of Supervisors in order to voice significant concerns the majority of us have about the way things are going downtown and how they affect us in this District. 

I aim to keep my promises.

Here’s that letter.

Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors

This Election Day, every ballot cast on which voters have written my name carries with it messages to City Hall.

It has been my privilege to have carried out a short and resourceful campaign as a certified qualified write-in candidate for BOS D4.  I have had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about politics and other issues with neighbors, friends, visitors, and residents of District 4.  Rarely perfunctory, these interactions numbered in the thousands.  I have learned a great deal about the hopes and desires of my fellow San Franciscans and those who love the City, and I consider myself fortunate to have had the experience of doing so.

I started the campaign with two issues at hand.  I found them to be touchstones.  They will remain that even as the campaign ends.  The first is the appointee/incumbent cycle, the party strategy that has dogged me for many years as a San Francisco voter.  The second is the horribly conceived, toxic Field Turf with night-lighting proposal for the Beach Chalet meadow in Golden Gate Park.

I proposed a legislative repair for the first.

For the second problem, as it is currently being litigated in a CEQA suit, I proposed that significant pressure from the BOS could end the protracted legal proceedings which will likely ensue even after the judge’s deadline for ruling on the case.  Evidence submitted in the case points to the defective nature of the EIR.  The matter of the City’s MOU with the City Fields Foundation only enhances the embarrassment profile for the City.  Given the poor environmental track record of the Foundation’s principals and contributors and, more recently, their proven participation in a Dark Money operation whose aim was to influence political campaigns, this private/public partnership does not pass the smell test.  I urge you to consider your options on how you might work to save the City from further embarrassment and to terminate both the project and the partnership.  The simple fact is that no one, not a single person whom I have talked to about this toxic industrial soccer stadium complex, is for it.  When given a choice between well-maintained, natural grass fields and a toxic, shoddy substitute–everyone chooses the former.

I bring these matters to you as a private citizen and one who has had the distinct advantage of being in a position to hear the voices of many of our fellow San Franciscans in a short interval of time.  I call these important issues to your attention as a matter of course as I have made a promise to those who found promise in my candidacy for BOS D4.  That promise which I represent is simply this–an elected official who is not beholden and who is willing to act in accordance with the will of their constituents.  The promise I have made previously, I have, now, kept.  I would favor the courtesy of your reply via email.  This week as I wrap up my election-related affairs, I will happily respond to any inquiries you may have and will provide you with a copy of an online petition that I have circulated opposing the destruction of the Beach Chalet Meadow.  Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.


Mike Murphy


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