The Count

Electronic registration of votes is not very sexyredbar.  The Department of Elections’ iconic Red bar  fills in for the numerical string.

Red bar grows as the vote tally goes.  That’s sexier.  Far sexier are all of your markings on the bagged ballots awaiting to be counted and reviewed.  This is going to take a while.  In the meantime, there’s a Meadow to save and a promise to keep.  I’m going to keep writing about the issues until the count’s good.  Consider it a pause to stop and reflect–a moment of retrospective significance.  Stay tuned.  Check your virtual progress meter.  Thanks.

As of yesterday, the 14th, the virtual progress meter showed some movement.  Actually, there may be a couple of thousand votes out there.  There are a lot of ballots that need to be opened.  “Drop your mail in ballot at any polling place” was the advice I gave to voters who wanted to participate, rather than sit out, this time around.  Let’s see how many made it to that dock by the Bay and over to City Hall.  The vote will be Official around Thanksgiving.  Thanks for voting.


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