I am crowd-funding this campaign–ethically, resourcefully, responsibly.  I also am thankful for small contributions from individuals.  If you are feeling generous, I could use your help.  If you don’t have deep pockets (mine have holes in them that need mending), I understand.  Support comes in many forms.  Money comes and goes.  Money talks, it’ll tell you a story, etc.  I know you work hard for yours and I won’t waste it.  Give and you shall receive–I promise you that.  Thanks.


I am grateful for small contributions like yours which offset costs for campaign literature and its distribution.  Within a week following the election, I will donate any remaining campaign funds to charities whose mission is to support youth empowerment programs/environmental stewardship/direct democracy.  Thank you for your kindness.

Own a Piece of San Francisco

Pledge to Donate



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